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19 Beautiful Blue Paint Colors to Use In Your Kitchen

Blue kitchen island is the new trend that is expected to capture the attention of every kitchen designers and homeowners. It is a unique space where you can prepare your favorite dishes while enjoying an outdoor breakfast or gathering with friends. In this blue kitchen, you will be able to give your guests the most enticing welcome.

In order to make the most out of your blue island, there are some points that you must consider first. Here are some of the tips that you must consider if you want to make the most out of your blue kitchen.

 Get the best matching blue kitchen cabinets.

A simple mistake on this point may cause an all out disaster to your blue kitchen island.

 You must get matching blue kitchen cabinets for both of the interior walls in your blue kitchen island.

This is vital because not only the design of your kitchen cabinets but also the elegance of your blue kitchen cabinets will show your real sense of style.

Make sure that the fixtures in your blue kitchen ideas is in sync with the blue color theme. These kitchen accessories must be of high quality and should be in line with the style of your blue kitchen ideas.

You must get matching accent pieces for the appliances as well. These items should match and complement each other and must compliment the overall style of your blue kitchen island.

Not only for the fixtures and appliances, you should also get the matching blue kitchen ideas. These items must not only match but they must also go well with the rest of the blue kitchen ideas.

You must also give importance to the material that you have chosen for your blue kitchen island. Choosing the appropriate material for your kitchen furniture is very important because the material that you choose will help you create a wonderful look in your blue kitchen.

 If you have painted your kitchen furniture, then you must replace it with natural wood. It is very important to find the perfect and the right color for your natural wood.

 Your blue kitchen island must have wall sockets that match and compliment each other. The sockets should be of the same color as the color of your walls and also you must try to match them perfectly so that the entire color scheme and design in your blue kitchen are well balanced.

 All the blue kitchen cabinets must be of high quality. You must not compromise on the quality and therefore choose high quality materials for the blue kitchen cabinets.

If you follow the above points, then you will be able to create a great and amazing blue kitchen ideas. You will definitely find a beautiful blue kitchen design that will make your home a place where you can be in peace.

Mustafa Öner
Mustafa Öner

A combination of red, white and blue is always a winner, no matter what the room. Cosy up a painted blue kitchen with a wooden worktop and a bright red toaster and kettle set. Below the blue kitchen clock, some open kitchen shelving adds to the inviting look.

Orange Graphics
Orange Graphics

Copperkitchen bar stools are bang on the metallics trend, and work perfectly with the warm wood tone of the breakfast bar. A unique industrial style lighting installation fills the ceiling space with matching copper tones. Blue cabinets have been accessorised with tan strap handles, and complemented with a geometric patterned backsplash.

Penint Design Studio
Penint Design Studio

These sumptuous blue dining chairs make a gorgeous addition to a sleek blue kitchen diner, and the accompanying white table fits with contrasting white cabinetry.

Rust Architects
Rust Architects

These brown bar stools add an air of sophistication to this blue interior, and complement the adjacent wooden drawer fronts beautifully. Black pendant lights, glossy black fridge and a ebony librarians ladder add weight to the scheme.

Tamara Batsmanova
Tamara Batsmanova

A dark and dramatic blue kitchen will benefit from some special mood lighting and light reflecting metallic surfaces, like these high-end gold kitchen bar stools.

Trịnh Phương
Trịnh Phương

These unique kitchen pendant lights have a barely there appearance with their thin copper wire frames, so they don’t fight for attention over peacock blue kitchen cabinets.

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