Protect Your Mental Health During The Global Crisis

You can learn how to protect your mental health. However, the problem is that many people never learn how to do this and just allow it to come back when it does. When this happens it is usually a big deal and takes a lot of emotional energy. Therefore, you must have a good support system with you all the time.

Your mental health is one of the most important aspects of your life. It affects you more than almost anything else. In this article, I want to talk about one of the biggest things you can do to keep this from happening.

The problem is, we all think we are the same. You see, we all think we are really intelligent, funny, and smart. And we think we have some special ability to know things about people around us don’t know. But we all have a way to get in touch with other people’s minds. What we don’t know is that the other person doesn’t know what we are thinking and they can’t feel our thoughts.

So the first thing you need to do to protect your mental health is to learn how to think for yourself. No one else will be able to help you. You will have to go through the process on your own.

You are learning how to think for yourself when you read and research on a subject. You are not allowing other people’s opinions affect you in any way. This is the whole point.

To learn how to think for yourself you need to open your mind up to everything and nothing is ever black and white. Black and white doesn’t mean anything in reality.

You can actually gain information by studying the two sides of your thought process. This is how the brain works. You learn to focus on both the good and the bad.

You can also learn to ignore the good and ignore the bad. And then you can make a decision. You don’t always make the right decision, but that is how the brain works.

Of course, if you are constantly focusing on the bad and ignoring the good, you are not going to have any success at all. You will be constantly thinking negative thoughts and you won’t be able to achieve anything. Then you will realize that you have been focusing on yourself instead of others.

When you learn how to think for yourself, you learn to think about the future. You start looking for ways to improve yourself. Then you can see that there are many ways to make your life better.

Learn to see yourself in the future. Then you will be able to change your actions and not just think about it. Then you can use your thoughts to take action. Then you can think for yourself.

Remember, it is not about protecting your mental health. You need to learn how to think for yourself. Then you can do something about your mental health.

Stay informed, but don’t overdo it

With things changing and unfolding so fast, it easy to feel like you can’t control the situation and this, in turn, can create strong feelings of anxiety and panic. Please remind yourself that this is normal – at this time, the majority of our population feels unsure, insecure and unsafe. I don’t feel safe as well, but here’s how I manage.

The best thing you can do to minimize these feelings is to stay informed and limit the amount of time you spend on tracking the news. Choose reputable, official sources like WHO and your preferred, trustworthy websites or local news sites as your info source.

Yet, don’t spend hours and hours looking for new information, because it is extremely exhausting and usually won’t do you any good. Check the news a few times a day, for a few minutes and then try to live your life normally (again – stay indoors if you can work at home, and limit social contact).

Don’t put your self-care to the second plan

Spending your days inside, with minimal social contact and probably – without a lot of activities you used to like can take a real toll on your mental health… If you totally skip your self-care. Again – it’s completely normal to feel like “things are not right”. They are, indeed, different right now.
It can be easy to fall into the trap of emotional eating, checking the news, worrying, ruminating and being inactive. But taking at least basic self-care measures can help you feel better and be more optimistic.

Stay social via internet

This whole social isolation thing doesn’t mean we need to become aliens to our friends and family. Call your loved ones via video chat to keep social contact online. Send e-mails and supportive SMS messages. By staying together, even if not in the same room, we can go through this time easier.

It is not the first time for our humanity to face big challenges. Yet with hope, I believe we can adapt and overcome. Stay safe!

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